[webkit-reviews] review cancelled: [Bug 5620] Should only honor encoding from <meta> in HTML : [Attachment 10244] proposed fix

bugzilla-request-daemon at opendarwin.org bugzilla-request-daemon at opendarwin.org
Sun Aug 27 13:34:55 PDT 2006

Alexey Proskuryakov <ap at nypop.com> has cancelled Alexey Proskuryakov
<ap at nypop.com>'s request for review:
Bug 5620: Should only honor encoding from <meta> in HTML

Attachment 10244: proposed fix

------- Additional Comments from Alexey Proskuryakov <ap at nypop.com>
Mitz has suggested a way not to dump pixels in CSS test cases. Also, after
looking at the current XMLHttpRequest draft, I think that leaving the CSS case
without incremental loading support is imprudent (currently, we only look
inside XML content, so it doesn't matter, but that's not what the XHR spec

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