[webkit-reviews] mail from dina, 25 y.o, matchmaking Russia

dina lupzkopmmv at dragon-is.co.nz
Thu Aug 24 14:45:02 PDT 2006

   Dea`r    user    of    o'u`r    Ma`tchmaking        Si'te'!
   yo`u    ha`ve'    ne`w    e'-message`    from    , dina   25    y.o`.,    Ru`si'a',    ma'tchma'ki`ng

   Plea`se',    che'ck    7    unrea`d    no`tes    from    gi`rls:


   If    you    have    a'ny    q`uesti'on,    ple'ase,    ask    the`    mana'ge'r.

   Nice wishes,
   admin at internetdating4u.info 

stodghil schlpbch jhasler munizao  Son

starvik haipao endubuisi  galenh

Metheringham ikumi  mjinks

gramoulle schinder drb ippo  jurish

dhoo rik ftpkeeper dapatrick  


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