[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 10545] [S60] www.sportinglife.com crashes when exited : [Attachment 10205] Files: webkitbridge.cpp

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Thu Aug 24 12:09:05 PDT 2006

Joseph Ligman <joseph.ligman at nokia.com> has asked Sachin Padma
<Sachin.Padma at nokia.com> for review:
Bug 10545: [S60] www.sportinglife.com crashes when exited

Attachment 10205: Files: webkitbridge.cpp

------- Additional Comments from Joseph Ligman <joseph.ligman at nokia.com>
Application crashing with unhandled exception when exiting/destructing. This is
caused when LoadFaviconL leaves but is not handled in
CWebKitBridge::DocumentComplete. Introduce a TRAP_IGNORE to catch the leave.
The leave is caused by lack of memory when trying to create a CUrlRequestInfo.

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