[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 10230] SVGDOMImplementation should die (and be rolled into DOMImplementation) : [Attachment 9894] Now with testcase

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Sat Aug 5 14:29:54 PDT 2006

Rob Buis <rwlbuis at gmail.com> has asked	for review:
Bug 10230: SVGDOMImplementation should die (and be rolled into

Attachment 9894: Now with testcase

------- Additional Comments from Rob Buis <rwlbuis at gmail.com>
Now I added a testcase, based on fast/dom/features.html. I also noticed some
typos in the
features as well as some missing ones, they are now added and all tested using
the testcase.
Note that I disabled those features that I think we do not support atm, but
someone else
may have a different opinion about it, so probably someone will need to go
through every
single feature, look it up in the spec and make a decision based on that. So
far I have only
done that quickly, not in-depth.


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