[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 8563] [DOMHTMLDocument doctype] always returning nil. : [Attachment 7981] Improved Patch

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Wed Apr 26 09:21:41 PDT 2006

Matt Gough <matt at softchaos.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 8563: [DOMHTMLDocument doctype] always returning nil.

Attachment 7981: Improved Patch

------- Additional Comments from Matt Gough <matt at softchaos.com>
FireFox and Opera both return the docType.name it as it is in the source (i,e
HTML, html, Html, hTMl etc). As such this new patch incorporates Darin's
suggestion of returning the name out of parseDocTypeDeclaration. This name is
then passed in when creating the DocumentType in determineParseMode.

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