[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 8563] [DOMHTMLDocument doctype] always returning nil. : [Attachment 7940] Patch for this bug

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Mon Apr 24 07:14:14 PDT 2006

Matt Gough <matt at softchaos.com> has asked  for review:
Bug 8563: [DOMHTMLDocument doctype] always returning nil.

Attachment 7940: Patch for this bug

------- Additional Comments from Matt Gough <matt at softchaos.com>
This patch:
1. Removes DocumentType *HTMLDocument::doctype() const from HTMLDocument.h and
2. Changes the comment in Document.h to say that docType() may return 0.
3. Changes LayoutTests/dom/html/level1/core/hc_documentgetdoctype.js to do a
case insensitive compare of docTypeName against 'html' (Since HTML is the name
specified in HTMLDocument::determineParseMode when creating the docType for
HTML.) Not sure whether this is the correct approach, or to just make
HTMLDocument::determineParseMode use 'html'

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