[webkit-reviews] review requested: [Bug 8353] CSS3: Implement backgrouns-size property : [Attachment 7666] First try at implementing background-size

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Wed Apr 12 21:25:48 PDT 2006

Beth Dakin <bdakin at apple.com> has asked Dave Hyatt <hyatt at apple.com> for
Bug 8353: CSS3: Implement backgrouns-size property

Attachment 7666: First try at implementing background-size

------- Additional Comments from Beth Dakin <bdakin at apple.com>
Here is my first crack at implementing background-size. This patch does not
take care of parsing the shorthand background-size property yet because we are
still waiting to hear back from the CSS working group about the right syntax
for this. I have been testing this a lot and have fixed all of the problems I
have found. Except for the two layout test failures, which I can't quite figure
out. These two tests fail:


I am not sure the first is a real failure, but the second is definitely some
problem with invalidation. There are some other things in the implementation
that I am not sure are quite right, so I would love some feedback.

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