[webkit-reviews] review denied: [Bug 5039] XSLT text output doesn't work : [Attachment 3935] proposed patch

bugzilla-request-daemon at opendarwin.org bugzilla-request-daemon at opendarwin.org
Sun Sep 18 12:42:36 PDT 2005

Eric Seidel <macdome at opendarwin.org> has denied Alexey Proskuryakov
<ap at nypop.com>'s request for review:
Bug 5039: XSLT text output doesn't work

Attachment 3935: proposed patch

------- Additional Comments from Eric Seidel <macdome at opendarwin.org>
I agree w/ the doctype fix.  I'm not entirely sure as why "text output"
wouldn't just get displayed as text.. instead of parsed as xhtml (hyatt might

Also, why only replace amp and lt?  I would expect you would at least need to
replace gt as well.  And probably all of the predefined entities:

I also think it makes sense to have a newline after <pre> unless it gets
displayed as part of the text.

Finally, it looks like you might have used tabs instead of spaces (or maybe the
whole method is tabs and you used spaces, which would be correct).

For the lack of gt replacement, I'm going to review: -.  Hyatt and darin may
have further opinions as they are more familiar with the xslt code.

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