[webkit-reviews] A patch I have!

John Sullivan sullivan at apple.com
Tue Jun 14 13:10:07 PDT 2005

On Jun 14, 2005, at 11:24 AM, Devin Lane wrote:

> John:
> Thanks!
> In response:
> 1.  My mistake -- I misunderstood your corrections.

OK, no problem.

> 2.  I have always gotten a compiler warning when I call a method  
> that isn't declared anywhere, even if it's in the same class.   
> Since I noticed that that warnings were counted as errors, and thus  
> caused a build failure, I decided to declare the method in a  
> category.  Does the warning not happen with GCC 4.0? Does the  
> warning not happen at all, and I just got some other weird thing?

I'm not sure what you've been seeing. In Objective-C, there's no need  
to declare methods that are implemented in a given implementation  
block and then called only from other code later in that same  
implementation block. You can do this in C also without a warning, if  
you declare a function static.

> 3.  Ah, I have my tab width set on 4, because it makes the source  
> look better to me.  Shouldn't it appear as 8 to you?  Perhaps  
> somehow it got rest to use spaces.

I think what happened is that you inserted tabs. On your machine, the  
tabs look like 4 spaces, so they lined up with all the indentation  
already in the file, which was using 4 spaces. On my machine, tabs  
look like 8 spaces so the new code didn't line up. I might have fixed  
this incorrectly by deleting some of the tabs; as a convention we use  
only spaces in the source (that way it's guaranteed to look the same  
for everyone).

> No problem!  Happy I was help, especially with such a prestigious  
> project!

Your help is appreciated!


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