[webkit-reviews] Review request: PseudoClass & PseudoElement split

Maciej Stachowiak mjs at apple.com
Sun Jun 12 13:00:46 PDT 2005

On Jun 9, 2005, at 2:37 AM, Nicholas Shanks wrote:

> patch available at:
> http://bugzilla.opendarwin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3375
> regression tests coming....
> 2005-06-09  Nicholas Shanks  <contact at nickshanks.com>
>         Reviewed by NOBODY (OOPS!).
>         - Distinguish between pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes in  
> CSS parsing.
>         * khtml/css/css_base.{h,cpp}: split CSSSelector::Pseudo  
> into two
>         * khtml/css/cssstyleselector.cpp: ditto
>         * khtml/css/parser.y: ditto
>         Merge of svn log -v -r 399829 svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde
>         Fixes CSS3 selector tests 159, 177a and 177b

I reviewed and landed this, along with the three relevant tests from  
the CSS3 selector test suite. I modified 159 and 177a to do a Select  
All automatically on load to make the tests more automated.  
Unfortunately, 159 and 177a still do not show a difference in dumped  
render trees with and without your fix, because our layout tests do  
not yet know how to dump style for the selection.


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