[webkit-reviews] Patch for Bug #3406 - CSS1: letters following apostrophe are wrongly capitalized when text-transform:capitalize applied

Andrew Wellington proton at wiretapped.net
Fri Jun 10 02:35:12 PDT 2005

Hi all,

Attached is a fix for bug #3406, and regression test.

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layer at (0,0) size 800x600
  RenderCanvas at (0,0) size 800x600
layer at (0,0) size 800x600
  RenderBlock {HTML} at (0,0) size 800x600
    RenderBody {BODY} at (8,8) size 784x576
      RenderBlock {P} at (0,0) size 784x18
        RenderText {TEXT} at (0,0) size 621x18
          text run at (0,0) width 621: "There should be a capital letter at the start of each of the words below, but not after the apostrophe."
      RenderBlock {P} at (0,34) size 784x18
        RenderText {TEXT} at (0,0) size 127x18
          text run at (0,0) width 127: "Todd's Susan's Fred"
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