[webkit-qt] CSSDefaultStyleSheets::defaultStyle

Andrew Webster Awebster at arcx.com
Thu Nov 23 15:02:30 PST 2017

I ran into an ASSERT in ElementRuleCollector::collectMatchingRules (ASSERT(matchRequest.ruleSet)). When ignored, it seg faults.

The root cause is that ElementRuleCollector::matchUARules and CSSDefaultStyleSheets::initDefaultStyle disagree about the location of CSSDefaultStyleSheets::defaultStyle.  Although CSSDefaultStyleSheets::initDefaultStyle has properly created CSSDefaultStyleSheets::defaultStyle, ElementRuleCollector::matchUARules looks in a different location and ends up with a nullptr.

Adding WEBCORE_EXPORT to the declaration of CSSDefaultStyleSheets::defaultStyle fixes this.  Does anyone have any thoughts on why this might be?

GCC 6.2.1 for arm32v7.


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