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Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Sat Nov 11 06:09:17 PST 2017

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>> I have an app that I publish on the Mac App Store that used QtWebKit. I remember that in order to get it published I had to follow these instructions: http://wiki.phisys.com/index.php/How-To_Qt5.3_Mac_AppStore
>> Since Qt seemed to be moving forward with WebEngine, I spent a couple months refactoring my app to use that instead. However it wasn't until I was ready to publish my app that I learned some of the Chromium backend uses private API, which is not allowed on the Mac App Store. Ugh!
> FWIW I see there is WEBENGINE_CONFIG += use_appstore_compliant_code option present there. No idea if it's sufficient.
>> Now I'm thinking about going BACK to QtWebKit. Do you know if your fork is Mac App Store compliant? Do you believe the instructions in the link above are still relevant? Any advice?
> I'm not aware of any better guide than your link above. See [1].
> I think ICU is still considered private API by Apple, and you have to build QtWebKit with your own copy of it. I think we can add an option like aforementioned use_appstore_compliant_code, which will suppress use of system ICU and maybe do other customizations.
> I guess there should not be other issues with code, though structure of bundles may indeed make correction.
> Article says that there is no workaround for WebKit2 (QML API), in fact I guess bootstrap_look_up2 issue is easy to get rid of by using unix sockets IPC implementation
> [1] https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-31419

Note that I'm talking about QtWebKit 5.212. If you use legacy version e.g. one shipped with Qt 5.9, instructions from article should apply verbatimely

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