[webkit-qt] QtWebKit reviving progress

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Mon Jan 11 04:02:36 PST 2016

11.01.2016, 14:53, "Vitaly Slobodin" <vitaliy.slobodin at gmail.com>:
>>  Thta's sad to see work being duplicated. You should have been notified others on the list. Nevertheless, I hope we will be able to join our work.
> Well, I did it really quickly, so I know that there're some problems. I just wanted to check if it's possible.
>>  Like I wrote before, upstream is converging around use of CMake as *the* build system of WebKit, so it's not reasonable to resist. So I decided to go straight to CMake, despite some bias that I have against it.
> Using CMake makes the whole job much easier. We don't need to convert CMake macros for auto-generated files. In other words, with CMake we don't need to do redundant work.

Also, use of CMake can make feasible building WebKit1 part with Qt 4.8 at some point. QMake build system was heavily changed during Qt 5 development and is incompatible with qmake coming from Qt 4.8, while (AFAIU) code haven't diverged too much.


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