[webkit-qt] QtWebkit JavaScript interpreter crash ( v.153112/ppc64le).

Atul Sowani sowania at us.ibm.com
Wed Oct 28 20:41:08 PDT 2015

Hi Allan,

Thanks for your response! It is good to know someone who's worked on 

Yes, the qtwebkit did not work/compile on ppc64le. It crashes (assertion 
failure) in isPageAligned() macro. The page alignment is not correct on 
ppc64le. In addition to this, the page allocation logic and the frame 
stack functionality is not working as expected on this platform. The tried 
to modify the page alignment logic and the execution went ahead, only to 
hang in dtoa()/mult() functions in WTF. I think the page block and JS 
stack functionality needs particular attention.

As you've already worked on ppc64be, your experience of porting the code 
would be precious to me. Could you please share your experience and advise 
on how I should proceed in this task of porting the code to ppc64le?


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On Wednesday 28 October 2015, Atul Sowani wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to port PhantomJS 2.0.1 to IBM PPC64LE platform. PhantomJS
> uses qtwebkit version 153112 and I am facing a few crashes in the
> JavaScript interpreter code. Is this the right forum to discuss qtwebkit
> issues I am facing while porting the code?

I haven't tried PPC64LE myself, when I last touched PPC64 it was to make 
endian 64bit work, so it might not configure correctly.


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