[webkit-qt] Reviving QtWebKit

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Wed Dec 30 04:00:02 PST 2015

Hello everyone,

I'd like to upgrade QtWebKit to modern WebKit code base. 

One particular goal is to obtain modern browser engine capable of running in low memory conditions on MIPS device, which would have relatively small binary size.

I'd like to support the next configurations:

* OS: Linux (X11 and EGLFS)
* CPU architectures: x86_64, MIPS
* Compiler: g++ 4.8
* Qt >= 5.4

Other platforms may be supported on best effort basis if community is interested. 
Primary focus will probably be on WebKit2, but WebKit1 will also be supported.

In case anyone does not follow WebKit development, here are several highlights of what has changed since last QtWebKit branch-off:

* Partial ES6 support in JavaScriptCore (https://webkit.org/blog/4054/es6-in-webkit/)
* JavaScriptCore now uses C stack
* FTL JIT - ultimate JIT tier which compiles JS using LLVM (https://webkit.org/blog/3362/introducing-the-webkit-ftl-jit/)
* JIT for CSS selectors (https://webkit.org/blog/3271/webkit-css-selector-jit-compiler/)
* MediaSource and MediaStream (WebRTC) support in GStreamer MediaPlayer implementation

Is anybody interested in this project? I'll appreciate any kinds of help.

Here are a few questions for QtWebKit developers:

1. Was it ever considered to switch build system to cmake? In past most ports had their own build systems, but now all ports living in trunk use cmake (even Apple/Mac is starting to use it) and in future it probably is going to be _the_ build system of WebKit project.

Are there any technical reasons to keep using qmake? For the record, I'm rather CMake hater than fanboy, but I also prefer to be realistic.

2. How would you recommend to merge WebKit and QtWebKit code bases: 
a) add WebKit code to QtWebKit branch, or 
b) add QtWebKit code to WebKit branch? 

(a) would make easier to preserve history of recent changes in QtWebKit
(b) would bring in LayoutTests, ManualTests, and PerformanceTests, which are not present in qtwebkit repo (though I'm not sure how much use would have these tests for port not living in trunk).

3. Is there any documentation on [Qt]WebKit internals outside of webkit.org?


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