[webkit-qt] where does the updateEvent being posted

Nancy Feng (defeng) defeng at cisco.com
Wed Sep 10 14:00:52 PDT 2014

I am using qtwebkit on a embedded device, I am wondering where does the QtEvent "UpdateRequest" (77) are posted.

I have a test webpage which only contains a video tag(media source is valid, no auto play). After load the page, I do not see video starts to play which is expected. But I still see "UpdateRequest" are being handled and trigger repaint.

I have already hard coded "m_player->didLoadingProgress()" to be false, so it does not call RenderVideo::updateFromElement for re-layout. It puzzled me that where does the "UpdateRequest" come from?

I am new to webkit, so please anyone could explain a little bit? Or point me out to any wiki or part of the code?

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