[webkit-qt] how to shrink distribution, if possible?

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Tue Oct 29 08:13:10 PDT 2013

29.10.2013, 17:42, "Richard Gerd Kuesters" <richard at humantech.com.br>:
> Ok, QtWebkit 2.3.3 downloaded! :)
> But, I feel that it'll not work as a simple dropin on top of Qt 5.x, specially if I try to compile it on Windows.
> I noticed a huge difference in the Makefiles (and .pro?) files from the QtWebkit shipped with Qt 5.x and this one, specially in WTF.
> Any thoughts?

I'm afraid QtWebKit 2.3.3 was not tested on Windows at all (though I may be wrong). It should be very close to QtWebkit shipped with Qt 5.0.x-5.1.x in terms of included bugfixes and features though.

Huge difference in Makefiles should not bother you. But be prepared to some cherry-pick work for Windows-specific fixes - having git is highly recommended.


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