[webkit-qt] QtWebKit + Qt 4.8.5 embedded + fonts

Massimo Callegari massimocallegari at yahoo.it
Thu Oct 3 08:06:55 PDT 2013


I am running QtWebkit 2.3.2 + Qt 4.8.5 embedded on a MIPS system.

I'm having issues with fonts handling. Basically QtWebkit says I have only 1 font installed (using this: http://flippingtypical.com/). 
So I can't see any unicode character, arabic or whatever characters. (for example on this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicode_and_HTML)

I've done a quick test on Qt by calling QFontDatabase::families() and it returns the correct number of fonts installed. I have fontconfig version 2.6.0.
So I guess the problem is in QtWebkit.

Digging around in the config files I found this:

# We need fontconfig to set up the test fonts for DumpRenderTree and WebKitTestRunner.
haveQt(5) {
    config_fontconfig:!mac {
} else {
    # Qt 4
    unix:!mac:!embedded {

Does it mean it won't use fontconfig for Qt embedded systems ? If so, is there a particular reason for it ?
What is the correct way to tell QtWebkit where to look for fonts or to retrieve them from Qt ?

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