[webkit-qt] QtWebKit 2.3.0 released

Kenneth Rohde Christiansen kenneth.christiansen at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 08:12:28 PDT 2013

Congrats on releasing this!

On Fri, Mar 15, 2013 at 4:03 PM, Allan Sandfeld Jensen <kde at carewolf.com> wrote:
> Good news everybody!
> QtWebKit 2.3.0 was tagged in gitorious yesterday and can be found at
> https://gitorious.org/webkit/qtwebkit-23/trees/qtwebkit-2.3.0 with the tarball
> at https://gitorious.org/webkit/qtwebkit-23/archive-tarball/qtwebkit-2.3.0
> For those of you that don't know: QtWebKit 2.3 is a port of QtWebKit from Qt 5
> to Qt 4.8. It has most of the web-facing features, stability fixes and
> performance improvements that QtWebKit in Qt 5 has, but has skipped anything
> Qt 5 specific such as QQuickWebView, but has almost all improvements on the
> WebKit1 side (QWebView). QtWebKit 2.3 also maintains API and ABI compatibility
> with QtWebKit 2.2 from Qt 4.8, and is thereby an easy drop-in replacement. The
> released version 2.3.0 has roughly the same WebKit version and patches as Qt
> 5.0.2.
> Note that QtWebKit 2.3 is not an official Qt release, nor will be. We
> recommend users to upgrade to Qt 5, but for those stuck with Qt 4.8 for one
> reason or another, I would personally recommend trying out QtWebKit 2.3. I
> have also had great feedback from the developers of the Rekonq, and Qupzilla
> browsers, that also recommend users to try out 2.3, several distributions are
> either packaging or planning to package it, the first being Arch Linux who has
> been packaging QtWebKit 2.3 since the betas.
> Note that the sources are only buildable using the build-webkit tool, and
> requires the QTDIR environment set even if only to /usr. The basic build-
> command is "Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --qt --release --no-webkit2". If you
> are packaging to x86, you might also want to add --no-force-sse2 since the
> library would otherwise default to using SSE2 math. Additionally you can use
> --qmakearg="CONFIG+=production_build" to link with less memory. Finally I have
> added an option to include WebP support by adding DEFINES+=HAVE_LIBWEBP=1 to
> the qmakearg. After building the you need to go to WebKitBuild/Release and run
> make install.
> If you have any questions, ask here on this mailing-list or catch me on
> FreeNode IRC #qtwebkit.
> Best regards
> `Allan Sandfeld Jensen (carewolf)
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