[webkit-qt] problem with custom scheme (qt 5.1)

Richard Gerd Kuesters richard at humantech.com.br
Wed Jun 19 07:56:51 PDT 2013

hello everyone!

I asked a few days ago about creating a custom scheme (like "foo://") so 
I can manage it with custom network replies.

so far, so good. people helped me giving links and so on - I'm still 
very glad from that.

in qt 4.8.x, the examples and implementations that I found later worked, 

but, in qt 5.1 (rc1) -- which is needed by me because I need to run 
javascript in winblows 64 bits -- any scheme request other then http, 
https, ftp or file simply doesn't work. frustrating.

I mean, using QtDesigner for debugging, break points shows that the code 
goes to my custom reply, all signals are emmited but nothing appears. 
blank. using the developer console, I can see "foo://something", but the 
html source code is "<html><body></body></html>". just that. a simple 
hello world does not shows. if I edit the code using the developer 
console, it shows content, normally.

anyway, I saw in some changelogs for qt 5.x something about 
"setDomainRelaxationForbiddenForURLScheme" and I think there may be some 
change in the code that doesn't allow webkit to show html content from 
other scheme by default.

can someone give me a light? :)

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