[webkit-qt] QtWebkit, RSS and P2P

qx qx at multi.fi
Fri Jul 26 09:29:51 PDT 2013


Pardon if this is (perhaps a bit) off topic, but I need to start someplace.

I have been using QtWebkit in an application of mine, and I am very 
happy with it. I made an application which is based on RSS(Really Simple 
Syndication, or Rich Site Summary depending who you ask), and use it for 
displaying RSS content. The application itself is developed on Linux, 
the code is "winlin", can be built on windows also, and is open source.

So far so good.

A while back it crossed my mind to connect browsers over a P2P network, 
and today I have some code which can do this, basically exchange RSS 
content between peers.

My question is simply:Is anyone here interested in developing a P2P 
network which uses QtWebkit and RSS? It would be kind of "distributed 
browsing", or something like that.

Thank's, have a good day

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