[webkit-qt] SSL root certificate update in QML2

Luca Ottaviano lottaviano at develer.com
Mon Jul 22 01:52:05 PDT 2013

I'm porting an embedded application which includes a browser from QML1 
to QML2.
In QML1, there was some code in C++ which was responsible to download an 
updated list of root certificates and other stuff (eg. unsupported 
content); this was done by using a custom QNAM.

In QML2, using the new WebView provided by QtWebKit 3.0, it seems to me 
that webkit2 ignores any custom QNAM set into the application.

Is there a way to update the list of SSL root certificates? The system 
doesn't do that for me.
If webkit2 looks for a specific file in the file system, it's ok to 
write some code to update that file.

Any suggestions?
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