[webkit-qt] Image capture of the contents of a QML WebView

Olivier Tilloy olivier at tilloy.net
Thu Jul 18 01:22:06 PDT 2013

Alberto Mardegan a écrit :
> On 07/15/2013 09:40 AM, Olivier Tilloy wrote:
>> An update on my work on generating thumbnails for web pages:
>> I solved my problem by writing a custom QQuickItem that, when updated,
>> renders the webview into a FBO and saves the contents of that FBO to a
>> file. The WebviewThumbnailer (as I named it) is not updated by default,
>> it has to be requested explicitly. I’ve implemented it in the Ubuntu
>> Touch web browser. For those interested, see the code here:
> I recently found out about this:
> http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtquick/qml-qtquick2-shadereffectsource.html
> It doesn't save the image to a file, but it might still help you.

Yes, I initially toyed with the ShaderEffectSource. However, as you’re 
pointing out, there is no way to save the image to a file, hence my 
custom solution, which essentially is a very simplified version of 
ShaderEffectSource that renders the source item to an FBO and dumps the 
contents of this FBO to an image file when requested.

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