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Mon Jan 28 08:41:14 PST 2013

maintenance burden of our port, but without any clear cut goals of what we<=
could use the port for, except it could very likely be useful to our existi=
users and customers.<br>
After the announcement of our plan, a lot of scepticism was raised on webki=
dev about whether it made sense for WebKit. Since Digia had announced that =
would focus on the Chromium based Qt WebEngine, many seemed to feel that we=
would not be able to contribute enough to the WebKit project to justify the=
cost to everyone else of keeping the Qt port upstream.<br>
Based on the feedback from the community we decided to remove the port,<br>
instead of fighting repeated conflicts. We have had a great time working wi=
the WebKit project over the course of the past 7+ years. There have been ma=
conflicts but the end result has always been positive, and we would not wan=
to be a burden for the project.<br>
With that in mind we say farewell to upstream. We will still be using WebKi=
and shipping with a brand new branch in Qt 5.2, and we will be active in th=
project where it makes sense. Feel free to reach out to us using the usual<=
Thanks for having us<br>
The Digia Qt WebKit Team.<br>
Allan Sandfeld Jensen<br>
Michael Bruning<br>
Andras Becsi<br>
Simon Hausmann<br>
Jocelyn Turcotte<br>
Pierre Rossi<br>
Zeno Albisser<br>
Digia Germany GmbH<br>
Rudower Chausse 13, 12489 D-Berlin<br>
Digia Germany is a group company of Digia Plc,<br>
Valimotie 21, FI-00380 Helsinki Finland<br>
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