[webkit-qt] Spellchecking support for WebKit2

José Dapena Paz jdapena at igalia.com
Fri Jan 18 02:54:00 PST 2013

El jue, 10-01-2013 a las 12:13 +0100, Simon Hausmann escribió:

> > But for me it is obvious that adding support at toolkit level, and then
> > make any Qt stock editing widget/component be able to use it would be
> > quite interesting. At WebKit level, we would then just use Qt API as the
> > default implementation for text checking.
> Sounds good. It can be done in increments after all, i.e. use a library 
> directly in WebKit first and later maybe a component/API from the toolkit.

My take on this, after working a bit with the patch, is completely
removing anything that's not needed at UI level from QML API. So, we are
exposing only this:
   * Enable
   * Languages enabled
   * Languages available

This is the minimum to provide a UI as the ones usually seen in
applications like Chrome or Firefox.

> > Typical UI case (you can find settings for this in at least firefox and
> > chrome):
> > * Being able to enable/disable spell checking.
> > * Choose the set of languages to do spell checking. But it defaults to
> > user desktop language. To do this you need to know the spell check
> > engine supported languages and have a way to set them.
> Right, _this_ is where we may have to make a distinction between toolkit level 
> support or not. If not, then we do need a API on the WebKit level. If it's 
> minimal then we can also add it there first and later make it delegate to the 
> toolkit implementation.
> In general it seems to me that as a developer _embedding_ WebKit I don't want 
> to have to make a choice about which spell checking _engine_ to use. Therefore 
> I think that part should be left out from the API.

My take on this:
* Expose only the minimum API to QML (the 3 vars above).
* At C++ level, expose the abstract class for QWebTextChecker, and allow
to change stock implementation.

Is it ok?

As we don't have any platform plugin, the other alternative I see would
be just not exposing the text checker abstract class, and make
implementors add other spellcheckers on the WebCore/platform tree. And
then add also a way to choose the one for platform build time.

Another question is about globals, as discussed in the bug. I'll send a
different mail alter to discuss this point.

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