[webkit-qt] WebGL with QtWebkit (QT5.0)

Harisha Navilarekallu nvharisha at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 19:58:03 PST 2013


Does WebGL works with QtWebKit (WebKit1) on Qt5.0 EGLFS plugin?
When I tried with :
QtTestBrowser -graphicsbased -gl-viewport -webgl <WEBPAGE>
QtTestBrowser -graphicsbased -gl-viewport -tiled-backing-store
-viewport-update-mode BoundingRect -webgl <WEBPAGE>

Both didnt work. It returns error with No-Context.

In WebGLRenderingContext.cpp, the condition :
   if (!context || !context->makeContextCurrent())
is always true and hence returns null pointer.

The context is false as surface is not allocated in "

Since I dont understand much of the architecture, i am not sure if, I am
doing right thing.

Can any body give some insight?

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