[webkit-qt] Error building WebKit 2.3

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at carewolf.com
Wed Feb 20 05:16:48 PST 2013

On Wednesday 20 February 2013, Joshua McClintock wrote:
> Allan Sandfeld Jensen <kde <at> carewolf.com> writes:
> > Just build the tree again (not clean!). It is sort of fixed in the
> > staging branch, but the problem seems to be that qmake in Qt5 can
> > respond positive to an exist() test on files it will generate, while
> > qmake in Qt 4.8 will only return true when it is already created.
> > 
> > `Allan
> Hello Allan, I tried running 'make' again and I keep getting the same
> error.
> I'm building on CentOS 6 64bit.  Any suggestions?
> http://pastebin.com/b4LeMJnz
I have gotten the same response from somebody else. It appears to happen when 
builing using WebKit.pro directly.

A workaround until I tag the next release is to edit 
Source/JavaScriptCore/DerivedSources.pri, and change the line setting 
llint.output to just "llint.output = LLIntAssembly.h" .  It will be wrong on 
Mac, but right everywhere else.

Best Regards

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