[webkit-qt] Minutes from the Status Meeting in #qtwebkit on Freenode IRC network

Qt WebKit StatusBot qtwebkit-statusbot at openbossa.org
Tue Feb 19 10:30:37 PST 2013

  * jturcotte status: Looking at a pretty nasty crash with 5.0.1 (QTBUG-29719) and fiddling with the download API
  * mibrunin status Trying to get a shared web view base compiling, found https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=110218 along the way...
  * bbandix status: Looking into why debug build fails on mac, fixing smaller issues while waiting for the build
  * tronical status: qmake magic to check PATH for perl, python, gperf, etc. and skip the build if not found (QTBUG-28983 as part of bugfixing tuesday :)
  * carewolf status: Looking into the crystal ball for Qt 5.1

Missing updates from: azbest_hu, cmarcelo, elproxy, jeez_, kadam, stampho, zalan, zalbisser

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