[webkit-qt] QtWebKit trunk development after 5.0 release - questions

Osztrogonác Csaba oszi at inf.u-szeged.hu
Mon Feb 18 02:36:43 PST 2013


Simon Hausmann írta:
>> build.webkit.org
>> =================
>> - Qt Linux Release - 32 bit WK1 only build + layout tests + API tests
> This doesn't have WK2 anymore because of the WK2 lockdown, right?

Exactly. Before WK2 lockdown, all Qt bots built WK2 too. But nowadays
WK2 build is broken regularly (day by day) for 10-50 revisions. In this
case it would be painful to lose the ability of catching layout test
regressions at least with WK1 builds.

>> performance bots:
>> ------------------
>> - Qt Linux 64-bit Release (Perf) - WK1 only build and perf tests
>> - Qt Linux 64-bit Release (WebKit2 Perf) - WK2 build and perf tests
>> The performance results are collected by perf-o-matic server -
>> http://webkit-perf.appspot.com , but this tool is not user friendly
>> to catch performance regressions, because you have to select tests
>> one by one and check them manually. Nowadays they collect performance
>> results, but in these circumstances we need someone who actively checks
>> them. Do we want to appoint someone, or reuse these resources for more
>> important tasks?
> What's a good frequency for checking? How much work is it? Can it be done once 
> a week with an effort of say 30 minutes?

Unfortunately there isn't a good choice now. Unfortunately you have to
check tests one by one on http://webkit-perf.appspot.com if you would
like to catch a performance regression. I don't think if anybody's dream
is this monotonic slave work :) In my opinion it would be better to
improve the appspot and/or implement a new one which is less glittering,
but more useful to catch performance regressions _automatically_.

>> offline bots:
>> --------------
>> - Qt Linux ARMv7 Release - It is offline, because we have a same
>>    bot on build.webkit.sed.hu to build ARM binaries for the tester bot.
>> These bots were not used for a long time. We suggest to
>> delete them completely from build.webkit.org waterfall.
>> What do you think about it?
> Sounds good. Although... wouldn't it be nice to have the Qt Linux ARMv7 
> Release bot building on build.webkit.org, for better visibility?

We don't have two ARM bots to avoid duplication of the same
bot. Unfortunately the ARM tester slave isn't in a good shape
to move it to build.webkit.org and has some tricky local hack
now which makes the migration impossible (for exmaple: the tester
slave runs on x86 to reduce the runtime, but ssh to the board to call 
run-webkit-tests with some additional flag, etc.)


And unfortunately the builder and tester slaves must be on the same
buildbot master, because a builder on build.webkit.org can't trigger
the tester slave on build.webkit.sed.hu and provide the binary WebKit
for it.

>> Bots for QtWebKit 2.3 (used by carewolf)
>> -----------------------------------------
>> - QtWebKit2.3-branch x86-32 Linux Release
>> - QtWebKit2.3-staging-branch x86-32 Linux Release
>> How long do you need to run these bots? After we upgrade the OS to
>> Ubuntu 12.04 they might not work properly anymore. To take notice
>> of coming 2.3 relase we might be able to migrate them to a virtual
>> machine has same environment as the actual one. (Debian Squeeze, Qt 4.8)
> Allan?

The guys managed to migrate these bots to another machine still runs
Debian which won't be upgrade now. But it would be great to know an
approximate time when will QtWebKit 2.3 be released.


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