[webkit-qt] New module "qtwebrtc": WebRTC support for QtWebkit and native apps

Igor Borovkov igor at borovkov.com
Sat Feb 16 10:41:53 PST 2013


I'd like to give a quick heads-up about our current work on Qt and QtWebkit.

One of our teams are actively working on WebRTC integration into Qt and
We have resources available to finish it as soon as possible,
and we'd love to contribute that work back to the community.

Right now we already have/use patched QtWebkit which directly uses
libjingle library for WebRTC support.
It may not work for everybody, thus we're working toward introducing a new
Qt module "qtwebrtc",
which will abstract particular WebRTC implementations (like libjingle) for

Also qtwebrtc module would be possible to use for creating Qt native RTC

Your thoughts and opinions on this would be greatly appreciated.

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