[webkit-qt] InjectedBundle API

Jocelyn Turcotte jocelyn.turcotte at digia.com
Thu Feb 14 03:10:50 PST 2013

Hi Vitaliy,

there is no such plan at the moment.
There are thoughts about how we could allow some access to the WebKit2 C API and bypass a part of the QML wrapper but this:
1. would probably remove the support for some important features of the QQuickWebView
2. would be a non-supported private API
3. wouldn't be binary compatible between minor releases. You would have to recompile you application to use a different QtWebKit release.

But like said, those are only thoughts and this might or not happen, so don't hold your breath.


On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 02:00:35PM +0400, Vitaliy Kharin wrote:
> Hi all!
> I would like to create QQuickWebView using QtWebContext with own
> initialized injected bundle instead of navigator.qt. But Qt API does not
> provide this functionality in public API.
> Is it planned to add InjectedBundle C API to public Qt API? Is there some
> way already present?
> There is Injected Bundle WebKit API to create own context with registered
> Bundle, but QT has no public way to apply this context to QQuickWebView.
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> Best regards,
> Vitaliy Kharin

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