[webkit-qt] QtWebKit trunk development after 5.0 release - questions

"Árvai, Zoltán" zarvai at inf.u-szeged.hu
Mon Feb 11 08:32:20 PST 2013

Hi QtWebKit hackers,

we started upgrading QtWebKit buildbots and EWS bots
today to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS + GStreamer 1.0 + Qt 5.0.1 .

Using GStreamer 1.0 will be mandatory soon, see this mail for details:
(You can easily install GStreamer 1.0 on Ubuntu 12.04 - see
  https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/QtWebKitGardening for details)

It is a high time to review which bots we still need, which bots we
don't need anymore. Or do we need new bots with different configuration?

Currently we have the following bots:


- Qt Linux Release - 32 bit WK1 only build + layout tests + API tests
- Qt Linux Release minimal - 32 bit WK1 only build
   (good for catching broken ifdef guards)
- Qt Windows 32-bit Release - WK1/WK2 build
   (MS Win Server 2008 R2, MS Visual Studio 2010 Express)

performance bots:
- Qt Linux 64-bit Release (Perf) - WK1 only build and perf tests
- Qt Linux 64-bit Release (WebKit2 Perf) - WK2 build and perf tests

The performance results are collected by perf-o-matic server -
http://webkit-perf.appspot.com , but this tool is not user friendly
to catch performance regressions, because you have to select tests
one by one and check them manually. Nowadays they collect performance
results, but in these circumstances we need someone who actively checks
them. Do we want to appoint someone, or reuse these resources for more
important tasks?

offline bots:
- Qt Linux ARMv7 Release - It is offline, because we have a same
   bot on build.webkit.sed.hu to build ARM binaries for the tester bot.

- Qt Windows 32-bit Debug - We used it when cross compiling on Linux was
   possible with MinGW (with Qt 4.8). But now the Windows build works
   with MSVC on native Windows and we don't have more Windows hardware.

These bots were not used for a long time. We suggest to
delete them completely from build.webkit.org waterfall.
What do you think about it?

bots maintained by the community:
- Qt Linux MIPS32R2 LE Release
- Qt Linux SH4 Release
- Qt Mountain Lion Release - maintained by INdT
   (Is INdT still intereseted in QtWebKit on Mac?)

- x86-64 Linux Qt Release - 64 bit WK1 only build + layout/API tests
- x86-64 Linux Qt Debug - 64 bit WK1 only build + layout/API tests
- x86-64 Linux Qt Release WebKit2 (Amazon EC2) -
       64 bit build + WK2 layout/API tests
- x86-64 Linux Qt Release WebKit2 (Pixel Tests)
       64 bit build + WK2 UI process side pixel tests
- x86-32 Linux Qt Release WebKit2
       32 bit build + WK2 layout/API tests
- x86-64 Mountain Lion Qt Release(WebGL Tester)(maintained by zalbisser)
       64 bit build + fast/canvas/webgl WK2 tests + API tests
- x86-32 Linux Qt Release NRWT
       32 bit WK1 only builder + layout tests with 4 parallel threads
   (It is an experimental bot, because parallel testing is very flakey,
    on Qt, see https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=77730 and
    https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=106218 for details.)
- ARMv7 Linux Qt5 Release (Build) - WK1 only build for ARM traditional
   platform (ARM instruction set, not Thumb2)
- ARMv7 Linux Qt5 Release (Test) - JSC+layout tests on a Panda board
- x86-32 Linux Qt Debug - 32 bit WK1 only build + layout/API tests

Bots for QtWebKit 2.3 (used by carewolf)
- QtWebKit2.3-branch x86-32 Linux Release
- QtWebKit2.3-staging-branch x86-32 Linux Release

How long do you need to run these bots? After we upgrade the OS to
Ubuntu 12.04 they might not work properly anymore. To take notice
of coming 2.3 relase we might be able to migrate them to a virtual
machine has same environment as the actual one. (Debian Squeeze, Qt 4.8)


We hope we will finish the upgrade this week, you can see the
status here: https://trac.webkit.org/wiki/QtWebKitBuildBots

On behalf of Szeged team,
     Ádám Kallai (kadam) and Zoltán Árvai (azbest_hu)

On 01/21/2013 05:02 PM, Osztrogonac Csaba wrote:
> Hi All,
> Qt 5.0 was released a month ago. And I have two major questions
> about the future of the QtWebKit trunk (svn.webkit.org) development.
> Question no 1:
> ---------------
> There is a plan about migration from GStreamer 0.1 to 1.0:
> [webkit-dev] PSA: Migration plan to GStreamer 1.x
> http://lists.webkit.org/pipermail/webkit-dev/2013-January/023244.html
> ( https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=106085 )
> Now we have Debian Squeeze, Ubuntu 11.10 and 12.04 buildbots too, but
> installing GStreamer 1.0 to Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu 11.10 is a little
> bit complex. It is possible, but installing a meta package from a PPA
> on Ubuntu 12.04 is much more simpler.
> That's why I propose switching QtWebKit buildbots to Ubuntu 12.04 (LTS)
> and dropping trunk buildbot support for older distros. (Or should we
> upgrade to non-LTS, but newer Ubuntu 12.10? I haven't tested it yet.)
> Any opinions/objections?
> Question no 2:
> ---------------
> Which Qt version / revision should we use for WebKit trunk?
> We always use build-qt5.sh script to build Qt for WebKit trunk to reduce
> source incompatible changes and make it simple to have same environment
> to reproduce bugs, etc. ( https://github.com/ossy-szeged/qt5-tools )
> But now we are pinned on a very old, pre Qt 5.0 revision:
> 8d77ff1ef2422259dd6baed5cae9815260e5bee2 (Tue Dec 4 11:54:27 2012 +0100)
> I think it's time to update Qt on the bots/developers machines.
> So the question is which Qt revision should we update to?
> - Qt 5.0.0 release version? (I tested it on Linux, and works fine)
> - Or trunk qt5.git? (I haven't tested it yet.)
> And then should we do regular weekly/mothly update again?
> Or should we do updates on demand only?
> br,
> Ossy
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