[webkit-qt] Spellchecking with C API (was: APIs going forward)

José Dapena Paz jdapena at igalia.com
Tue Feb 5 01:27:01 PST 2013

El mar, 05-02-2013 a las 10:16 +0100, Simon Hausmann escribió:
> > I think it could be possible to keep compatibility at least between
> > minor version numbers. "qtwebkit" repository could at least make sure it
> > doesn't add API/ABI changes once a stable release is done. This would
> > likely be enough warranty for most uses.
> If with "minor" you mean between "patch" releases of Qt, then yes. Since we 
> usually don't take new snapshots from trunk between patch releases but only 
> for minor releases of Qt, the API would only change then.

Yes, that's what I meant. For me it looks like a very good idea (in the
case of the issues I'm checking, html5 notification and spellchecking),
it would simplify things a lot.

So, with this new approach, my main doubt is where would the
enchant-specific API fit best. I guess I could create something like
WKTextCheckerEnchant, with the specific methods. And I could make qt
load the enchant implementation by default. And by default use as
languages the ones in environment.

My main doubt in this case would be if I should also add a method to set
Enchant implementation as client. Something like
"WKTextCheckerEnchantSetAsClient", that would call
WKTextCheckerEnchantSetClient with the Enchant implementation. Or even a
method like "WKTextCheckerIsEnchant" to be able to check if loaded
client is Enchant.

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