[webkit-qt] APIs going forward

José Dapena Paz jdapena at igalia.com
Tue Feb 5 01:07:26 PST 2013

El mar, 05-02-2013 a las 10:03 +0100, Simon Hausmann escribió:
> > But, the potential issue I see is that the C API does not currently look
> > as stable as it was supposed to be (because of the recent changes in WK2
> > governance). I don't know much about the Qt project policies but I guess
> > that if you provide some API in a stable release you'd have to support
> > it for some releases. What's the plan for that?
> The C API is not subject to the policies of the Qt project (it cannot be). 
> Therefore it would for example not be available when you do QT += webkit in 
> your .pro file. We could choose to make it _accessible_ when using QT += 
> webkit-private.

I think it could be possible to keep compatibility at least between
minor version numbers. "qtwebkit" repository could at least make sure it
doesn't add API/ABI changes once a stable release is done. This would
likely be enough warranty for most uses.

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