[webkit-qt] JavaScript weird problem

Richard Gerd Kuesters richard at humantech.com.br
Mon Feb 4 04:51:29 PST 2013

Hello all! :)

I'm having a problem for about 4 days now and it's driving me crazy, but 
IMHO the solution may be simple (and/or stupid).

Well, I have a "weird" problem with a qt+webkit application, Javascript 
related. I mean, when running my application standalone, either 32 or 64 
bits, it works as designed, flawless and with no gotchas. But, when I 
launch it from another application / program, any Javascript inside web 
views simply won't work! A simple "alert()" does nothing, yet I can read 
QWebSettings and JavaScript is "enabled" for my frame. Have anyone being 
in a problem like this? :)

PS: my app works on macosx and linux, the only problem is windoze when 
launched from another application.

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