[webkit-qt] Building QtWebkit with WebGL support on Windows XP with MSVC2008 and Qt4.8.4

Richard Gerd Kuesters richard at humantech.com.br
Fri Aug 9 11:58:49 PDT 2013


Thanks Allan. The information I gave - about no 64 bit JavaScript in
Windows prior to 5.1 - was given to me in this same list when I asked
about :) 

Anyway, I'm glad there's a way to make it work. If there's
any source on how to obtain that, I'll be much obliged. 

Best regards,


Em 2013-08-09 14:10, Allan Sandfeld Jensen escreveu: 

> Just a quick correction JavaScript worked just fine in Windows
64bit even 
> before 5.1. It just didn't just just-in-time compilation,
and was therefore 
> slower than on 32bit. It is still slower than 32bit
because it does not use as 
> aggressive JIT yet, so performance is
improved in 5.1, but not is still on par 
> with 32bit, and JS also
worked on Windows 64bit before 5.1.
> `Allan
> On Friday 09 August
2013, Richard Gerd Kuesters wrote:
>> Hi Max, Sorry I couldn't
explain myself better. PITA = Pain in the A**. Basically. Yes, you can
compile Qt under Windows in 64 bits but, prior to Qt 5.1 you'll not be
able to use JavaScriptCore in 64 bit mode. HTML, CSS, yes. JS? No.
That's why I basically ported my apps to 5.1 :) Even Chrome's V8 isn't
64 bits under Windows. There's no point for developers to use 64 bit
JavaScript since, I don't know why, benchmarks are slower then 64 bits.
I guess that's promoted by the Infinite Improbability Drive. In the
qt-project downloads area, if you download Qt 5.1 in zip and tar.gz
formats and apply a diff, you'll see there's something there. That allow
us to compile Qt 5.1 under Windows with MSVC 2008 :) The ZIP package, of
course, without too much pain. The ICU is a library which WebKit from
the Qt source requires to build. I don't know if it is necessary under
Qt 4.8. As you described: 
>>> - A QtWebkit library with WebGL
>> Sorry, can't help with that. 
>>> - Compatible with
maximum Qt 4.8, so under 5, because of Q3-classes
>> compatibility Ok,
stick to Qt 4.8.
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