[webkit-qt] Accessing QObject properties in 2.3.1

Andrew Webster apwebster at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 17:57:51 PDT 2013

I very much appreciate the release of 2.3.1.  It's been working pretty well
for us so far, but I've run into a problem with accessing properties under

Under the 2.2.0, it was possible to access a named child (or dynamic
property) of a QObject whose name was a number using the JavaScript array
syntax.  For example, myQObject[0] would return a QRuntimeObject.  Under
2.3.1, this returns undefined.  Quoting the number still works:
myQObject['0'], however we unfortunately need to maintain backwards

I've been searching around the code trying to find out why this no longer
works, but I'm not having much success.  I'm not familiar with how the
JavaScript core works or how it bridges with Qt (e.g. why is
QtClass::fieldNamed is not called when using [0]?).  Anyone have any ideas
on where to look?

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