[webkit-qt] Probleme Qt5 Webkit direcfb Hardware acceleration

Stephane Cerveau scerveau at connected-labs.com
Mon Oct 8 01:04:47 PDT 2012


I did not do so much seen that originally Webkit was using QPixmap which 
is DFB HW accelerated in QT4-8.
The patch, I provided allow to revert 4 patches which were changing the 
use of QPixmap by the use of QImage in July 2012.
I guess you have to work on this lead, on why you cant revert this 4 

- 62cc457176734d84d4827f0e0bf59ed425d7ef7d
- bd883b59bc785c680f03a6c3a1b28cc6ea48390a
- 7a62d58c41f7959a96737d4d65ea129d9f26d3e8
- 2973e24f23a2dd9d5f483f39b77264b791d96fd3 ( main commit)

A new patch has been provided by Zoltan:

Best regards.


On 10/08/2012 08:59 AM, MacBook Pro wrote:
> Hello
> I tried the example 2d and I have the hardware acceleration but when I 
> use webkit I haven't hardware acceleration.
> for the patch, I got error "can't QtImage * convert to QtPixmap" 
> almost everywhere I made the change….
> but you tell, you have success to get hardware acceleration on webkit 
> (latest version) on Qt4.8 ? how have you make ?
> thx
> Le 6 oct. 2012 à 20:53, Stephane Cerveau <scerveau at connected-labs.com 
> <mailto:scerveau at connected-labs.com>> a écrit :
>> I experienced and got  dfb hw acceleration back, using webkit trunk 
>> and qt4.8... Concerning qt5 i havent tested to run graphics 
>> performance sample with webkit...
>> So my first advise could be to check that hw dfb is working as 
>> expected with a qt sample such as animatedtiles if existing...
>> Concerning the patch, how are you applying it ? Could you give some 
>> more details about "not working"?
>> Best regards.
>> Stephane.
>> Le 6 oct. 2012 à 14:48, MacBook Pro t t<valentin.cupif at gmail.com 
>> <mailto:valentin.cupif at gmail.com>> a écrit :

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