[webkit-qt] Maintaining Qt 5.0.x stable branch

Simon Hausmann simon.hausmann at digia.com
Fri Nov 30 07:38:14 PST 2012


I'm going to branch off trunk RSN and then on the week-end we'll get the same 
branch setup in qt/qtwebkit.git in Qt Gerrit as for the rest of the modules, 
i.e. a  "development","stable" and "release" branch.

Development should become Qt 5.1 and we should just take new snapshots from 
here in the future.

For stable I propose that we use Qt Gerrit to integrate important fixes. We can 
also use https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=103747 to track changes that 
need to be integrated, i.e. the fancybrowser crash fix I'll cherry-pick. But 
feel free to push cherry-picks yourself into Qt Gerrit and put me in as 

Rule of thumb remains: Fix bugs in trunk, then cherry-pick them into stable.

The Qt release folks are maintaining "release" then.


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