[webkit-qt] Questions about testfonts.git

Balazs Kelemen kbalazs at webkit.org
Wed May 23 02:48:27 PDT 2012

> fonts.conf adds a substitution from Courier to Nimbus Mono L which we have

    This is not the file I'm talking about. There is fonts-qt5-wk1.conf
    that has things like

    	<match target="pattern">
    		<test qual="any" name="family">
    		<edit name="family" mode="assign">
    			<string>Courier New</string>

We use both config files. First we load fonts-qt5-wk1.conf than 
fonts.conf so I believe the rules in the latter applying after the first.

On 05/23/2012 12:57 AM, Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho wrote:
> 3) We have a section in our fonts.conf
> <!--
>    URW provides metric and shape compatible fonts for these 10 Adobe families.
>    However, these fonts are quite ugly and do not render well on-screen,
>    so we avoid matching them if the application said `anymetrics'; in that
>    case, a more generic font with different metrics but better appearance
>    will be used.
>    -->
> I don't get why screen readability here is important at all here and
> why the anymetrics rule is helping us here.
> Any one know why that is important?

Good question. Does anyone have historical information on this?

Btw, the fonts we have are basically just a partial copy of what you can 
find under /usr/share/fonts/type1 (+/gsfonts on my kubuntu) and the 
config file seems to contain rules that are variants of what you can 
find in the config file templates under /etc/fonts/conf.d 
(30-metric-aliases.conf and 30-urw-aliases.conf).

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