[webkit-qt] Proposal: Qt 4 removal from trunk, Qt 5 changes

Simon Hausmann simon.hausmann at nokia.com
Fri May 11 07:10:35 PDT 2012

On Thursday, May 10, 2012 09:55:47 AM ext Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 May 2012, Simon Hausmann wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > After a few emails, let me formulate a concrete proposal:
> >     (1) Andrea Diamantini maintains an up-to-date port of WebKit that runs
> > 
> > with Qt 4, on gitorious.org.
> > 
> >     (2) End of May we remove Qt 4 code paths from WebKit trunk.
> >     
> >     (3) We replace the Qt 4 based bot on build.webkit.org with the Qt 5
> >     one
> > 
> > (hosted on Amazon, right?)
> After some thought, I think we should maintain atleast one stable desktop
> version of QtWebKit in trunk, and I believe Lars already officially stated
> that Qt 5.0 will not be fully ready for the desktop, so I suggest we
> maintain QtWebkit for Qt 4.8 until Qt 5.x is deemed ready for the desktop.
> Since we only support Qt 4.8 for WebKit1 where not that much development is
> happening, how much would we gain in dropping that support anyway?

It's a fair question, and I admit I didn't outline that in the proposal. The 
maintenance of the Qt 4 port currently costs us

     (1) Separate *Qt4.cpp files in a few places (including the much loved 
JSC<>QT bindings ;)

    (2) A fair chunk of #ifdefs

    (3) A bot to maintain (This is a very high cost, especially for Ossy).

I'm proposing the remove the Qt 4 port from trunk because nobody appears to be 
interested in taking over that maintenance in trunk. Andrea on the other hand 
volunteered to do an out-of-trunk maintenance, which is a great opportunity I 


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