[webkit-qt] Proposal: Qt 4 removal from trunk, Qt 5 changes

Alexis Menard alexis.menard at openbossa.org
Thu May 10 05:25:22 PDT 2012

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 4:55 AM, Allan Sandfeld Jensen <kde at carewolf.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 May 2012, Simon Hausmann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> After a few emails, let me formulate a concrete proposal:
>>     (1) Andrea Diamantini maintains an up-to-date port of WebKit that runs
>> with Qt 4, on gitorious.org.
>>     (2) End of May we remove Qt 4 code paths from WebKit trunk.
>>     (3) We replace the Qt 4 based bot on build.webkit.org with the Qt 5 one
>> (hosted on Amazon, right?)
> After some thought, I think we should maintain atleast one stable desktop
> version of QtWebKit in trunk, and I believe Lars already officially stated
> that Qt 5.0 will not be fully ready for the desktop, so I suggest we maintain
> QtWebkit for Qt 4.8 until Qt 5.x is deemed ready for the desktop.

Well he said Qt 5 + QML.

QWidget is still there rocking as he was. So Qt5 + Desktop is working
fine if you rely on QWidget which is what WK1 is relying on.

> Since we only support Qt 4.8 for WebKit1 where not that much development is
> happening, how much would we gain in dropping that support anyway?

Stuff like that could be avoided :

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