[webkit-qt] Proposal: Qt 4 removal from trunk, Qt 5 changes

Alexis Menard alexis.menard at openbossa.org
Wed May 9 05:00:11 PDT 2012

On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 6:02 AM, Simon Hausmann <simon.hausmann at nokia.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> After a few emails, let me formulate a concrete proposal:
>    (1) Andrea Diamantini maintains an up-to-date port of WebKit that runs
> with Qt 4, on gitorious.org.

That needs to be properly announced to a blog post no?

>    (2) End of May we remove Qt 4 code paths from WebKit trunk.


>    (3) We replace the Qt 4 based bot on build.webkit.org with the Qt 5 one
> (hosted on Amazon, right?)

What about the others? Windows/Minimal/ARM/Apple SL.

Ok granted we need to move them to Qt5, but we need somehow a version
to stick with Qt5 otherwise every week updating to the current hash
will take a lot of time / ressources. So what about moving them to Qt5
when Qt5 reach beta?

That is a starting point for all of us to stabilize.

>    (4) After that we rename the QtWebKit module (and thus library) in trunk
> to QtWebKitWidgets. That's no change in the directory structure or file names,
> just build system changes. This gives us the option of introducing a new
> QtWidgets-free "QtWebKit" module later during the life-time of Qt 5,
> essentially realizing a library split where QtWebKitWidgets would link against
> the new QtWebKit. (Note that this change doesn't affect anyone using the QML2
> WK2 APIs, as those don't require direct linkage but only use dynamic plugin
> imports)
> Thoughts? :)
> Simon
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