[webkit-qt] Switching image decoders from Qt to WebCore

Zoltan Horvath zoltan at webkit.org
Fri May 4 06:51:07 PDT 2012


I would like to announce that I landed my patch from bug  
http://webkit.org/b/80400, so we switched the default imagedecoder from Qt  
to WebCore for the Qt-port.

Revision: http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/116085
Svn-file-property-fix: http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/116086

This change adds two hard dependencies:

- libjpeg-dev
- libpng-dev

(WebCore imagedecoders use the headers from these.)

Please install these on the bots, and on your workstations! (We have  
installed them already on Szeged-bots.)

Now the default behavior became to use the WebCore imagedecoder if the  
image format is supported by WebCore, and fallback to QImageDecoder in  
every other case.

 From this change we support the progressive loading of images for the  
Qt-port. Yeawh! :-)

If anybody has problems with the change, please let me know!


<Zoltan> Horvath

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