[webkit-qt] QML2 WebView behaviour

Balazs Kelemen kbalazs at webkit.org
Wed Mar 28 00:26:59 PDT 2012

>> I really don't like that. I wonder how I will scroll on desktop with
>> my mouse? On Mac when you plug a regular mouse the scrollbars keep
>> being always visible ->  good. When you use the magic trackpad and
>> unplug the mouse they hides automatically.

After inheriting the view from flickable, scrollbar indicators can be 
implemented in QML (on desktop, with only public API).

>>>     * UIProcess sided scrolling with the kinetic flickable behaviour.
>> On desktop with a mouse (not a magic track pad) it doesn't make any
>> sense to me if it it like today in the mobile mode (i.e. I left click
>> and long press it and it kinetic scroll). It's awkward at best, it's
>> nice to play with but not useful. On Mac when you have a regular mouse
>> it doesn't do any flickable effect while left clicking unless you
>> start using the trackpad with two fingers. We should do the same as
>> everyone doesn't seem to be bothered with the way it works.
>> Of course the wheel needs to work.

AFAIK these should also be fixed by switching to flickable, at least 
this is what is it for.

If I understand correctly, there should be no mobile / desktop mode 
anymore, which seems to me as a great improvement.


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