[webkit-qt] Qt 5 alpha release

Konstantin Tokarev annulen at yandex.ru
Mon Mar 19 07:19:03 PDT 2012

19.03.2012, 18:08, "henry.haverinen at nokia.com" <henry.haverinen at nokia.com>:
> On 3/19/12 3:59 PM, "Storm-Olsen Marius (Nokia-MP/Austin)"
> <marius.storm-olsen at nokia.com> wrote:
>> On 3/19/12 2:48 PM, "Haverinen Henry (Nokia-MP/Tampere)"
>> <henry.haverinen at nokia.com> wrote:
>>> The Qt WebKit module can become a part of Qt Essentials, but Qt WebKit
>>> Widgets module cannot, because it depends on other add-on modules.
>> Oh? Which ones? ICU I consider to be an external system library
>> dependence, also on Windows. What other requirements are there?
> I meant that the WebKit stuff that comes from Qt 4 and that would now be
> called Qt WebKit Widgets depends on Qt Widgets and Qt Quick 1 (add correct
> naming :).

Are you planning to remove this code from WebKit repository?


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