[webkit-qt] Status Meeting from yesterday

Alexander Færøy ahf at 0x90.dk
Thu Mar 15 06:07:40 PDT 2012

Maybe we should either fix the bot or move it to a more stable
internet connection :-)

* tronical status: trying to get GL_BGRA working with this bloody gles driver
* reni status: landing the last part of svg external resources in
http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/110676 and fixing some issues related
to this
* TwistO status: implementing SVG filters in GLSL
* : ahf status Upstreaming old patches
* andris88 status: working on snowshoe with QML
* torarne status: reviewing patches
* zalan status: working on another !needsLayout() assert for frame flattening.
* kbalazs status: implemented platform plugin for tests, now trying to
make qt5+wk1+plugins work
* mibrunin status analyzing flickering / non-flickering, offline
organisational stuff
* bbandix status: fixing the behaviour for tap gesture while bouncing
back from pan, this should move to end position immediately
* stampho status: debugging qml-compilation-mode patch on top of
3.7.12 version of v8
* zherczeg status: Benchmarking OpenGL and OpenVG
* noamr status: looking at EGL-based texture uploads
* darktears status : working on CSS usage from JS implementing a fast
path to set css properties so we make sure we are by far the fastest
web engine around. https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=80874
* Zoltan status: try to use ImageFrame's member to take out cutecodes
from generic ImageDecoder.h
* laknudse status: fixed 3d clipping - on to skia tests + demo
creation for tests
* kenneth__ status: getting control of my non-programming work todo
list, reviews, discussions etc. Almost ready to dig into code again
* kkristof status: Qt buildbot gardening

Alexander Færøy

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