[webkit-qt] does QtWebKit support Java Applets?

Stephen Bannasch stephen.bannasch at deanbrook.org
Mon Mar 5 13:43:47 PST 2012

Does QtWebKit support Java Applets on Mac OS X?

If so can anyone point me to the simplest way I might be able to create a test to confirm this on my system.

I have qt 4.8.0 installed on my Mac OS X 10.6.8 system using the homebrew package manager.

I'd like to add support for testing Java applets to PhantomJS (http://www.phantomjs.org/) which is used to drive a headless 
QtWebKit with JavaScript -- but I'm not actually sure that QtWebKit on Mac OS X supports Java Applets??

Here's my email thread describing my work adding support for testing Java Applets to PhantomJS:

   WIP: add support for Java applets

I found these indications that QtWebKit supports Java Applets:

It seems QtWebKit might support Java Applets

This bug is marked as: RESOLVED FIXED
   Bug 33044 - Add Java Applet support to WebKit's Qt port

This page reports:
   "... java applet support has been working since QtWebKit 2.1"

Last comment on this bug report:

   Java applets do not work in Qt's QWebView widget

   "Just tried this on Windows 7 with Qt 4.8 Beta - turn on
   plugins and Java applets in the settings and it works flawlessly.
   Appears fixed, so the documentation should be updated..."

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