[webkit-qt] [Week 26] Qt 5 version update

simon.hausmann at nokia.com simon.hausmann at nokia.com
Wed Jun 27 13:24:18 PDT 2012

There's not much that we can do :). I hope the guys will sort it out soon enough.

There is one set of changes in qtbase that will affect us once it hits qt5.git and we
update to it: It's a rather big set of changes in the buildsystem.

I don't recall off the top of my head if it _does_ require us to adapt our .pro files to it or not,
but we certainly _should_ do so once the changes land in qt5.git.

The changes Ossi did will simplify and streamline our build process to the extend where
you'll be able to build WebKit simply with "qmake && make" -- build-webkit becomes a rather
thin wrapper. Ossi did not only the qtbase changes but also the webkit changes (in a branch) and
Tor Arne and I went through them today to see how they work. Tor Arne is working on submitting
them one-by-one to the trunk, starting with cleanups that should go in anyway.

Another maybe more important effect of the build system changes is that it'll make the Windows build
_actually_ work. Right now the Windows build is a hack where only explicit "nmake debug" or
"nmake release" works, and also not reliably because of the incorrect "qmake -r" behaviour.

Another change that might land in qt5.git before that (let's see...) are the touch/mouse event propagation
that we really _need_. Without changes changes the QML WebView is essentially useless in plain QML
environments (without any mocking hacks). We have plenty of workarounds for these in place and we should
really remove them as soon as we can, so that we have as much time possible left for testing the real combination
of WebView and final touch/mouse event behaviour in QtQuick.

On the upside the number of source incompatible changes has gone down a lot and it's only going to get
better from here I think :)

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Hi All,

It seems the latest submodule update was on 19th June,
because updating submodules stucked again:

If there any chance that Qt5 will be fixed
and we can update it for QtWebKit this week?

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